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      Contact us
      • Shenzhen xing and gear machinery co., LTD 

        Contact: Cao Baoxing (general manager) 

        Phone: 13543282425 

        Telephone: 0755-27253940 

        Fax: 0755-27253965 

        E-mail: 13543282425 @163.com 

        Address: shenzhen baoan district ShaJing Town new red red lane road lane two village industrial zone 1 / f, no. 40 (shajing behind the bus 1000 meters) 

      About us
      • Shenzhen xing or gear machinery co., LTD., founded in 1996, the company is engaged in the production, sales, maintenance of one-stop services, is a domestic large-scale gear professional production enterprises, mainly the production of various kinds of small module gear. Is a distinct advantage in the production of high precision gear, gear of shenzhen machinery industry influential one of scale manufacturers. 

        Company main products: gear, gear grinding gear, small module gear, helical gear, synchronous pulley, sprocket, worm gear and worm, spiral bevel gear, and accept to figure to sample processing services. 

        To adapt to the industry: widely used in automobiles, electronics, textiles, printing, electrical manufacturing, corrugated packaging machinery, electric cars, motorcycles, medical equipment, fitness equipment, lawn mower, pneumatic tools, financial equipment, paper, toys, locks, household appliances, industrial sewing, fishing gear, wind power, tobacco, food, instrument, chemical industry, etc. 

        Company's major equipment: the company with strong technical strength, effective with high precision production equipment: CNC lathes (diameter 1 m * 3 m), Switzerland imported gear grinding machine (diameter 1 m * 0.6 * 10 mode), abrasive machining, CNC gear hobbing machine, gear shaper, gear shaper, gear chamfering machine, wire cutting, yan tooth machine, CNC milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, roll, insert, grinding, CNC milling and all kinds of gear processing ability; Have quenched and tempered high frequency, quenching, carburizing, electroplating, oxidation and other surface treatment ability; Configuration universal gear tester and projector, carbonitriding layer needle detector, hardness measuring equipment, coating thickness gauge, etc. With annual output of 3 million pieces of 3 million pieces of small module gear, large and medium-sized module gear, worm gear and worm of production capacity. 

        Excellent quality, from professional manufacturing, the company with medium and small module gear manufacturing as the core technology, maximum diameter of two meters 12 die, give full play to the medium and small module gear manufacturing, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and development, to create "xing or hair gear" brand, always responsible for the brand, achieve qualitative leap. Shenzhen xing hair gear machinery co., LTD. Of integrity, strength and product quality and after-sales service for the vast majority of customers and the industry recognition. 

        Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations, we will provide high quality products and perfect service. 


      All rights reserved: 2013 shenzhen xing gear machinery co., LTD 

      Telephone: 0755-27253940 fax: 0755-27253965 

      Address: shenzhen baoan district ShaJing Town new red red lane road lane two village industrial zone 1 / f, no. 40 (shajing behind the bus 1000 meters) 

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